Beck's Hybrids Production Case Study

Precision Leader Beck’s Hybrids Production uses robotic soil sampling to save labor time and improve soil extraction

The problem

Beck’s Hybrids is the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States with a reputation of providing high-yielding corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa to farmers all throughout the Midwest. 

To continue maximizing crop yield, Beck’s began soil sampling at the turn of the century and, like many commercial operations, soon encountered issues with accuracy, timing, and quality of sampling.

Beck’s samples soil with the goal of understanding current soil conditions and making more informed decisions to increase fertilizer efficiency. Since the 1980s, they were grid sampling in-house and found their data to not accurately reflect the conditions of the soil. In 2006, Beck’s changed to zone sampling to acquire a better representation of each 5 acre zone.

As Beck’s expanded their program, they needed a reliable partner with an accurate soil extraction system to allow them to focus their time on other high-priority tasks. Eric Hasler, AgSystems Agronomist with Beck’s, says, “If the soil sampling can take place relatively quickly the rest of the steps behind will follow relatively close to it.” 

By accelerating the rate of soil sampling, Beck’s would be able to allocate their resources to more productive areas. And with a more accurate soil reading, they could have peace of mind knowing they were spreading fertilizer efficiently. 

The Solution

Beck’s reached out to Rogo to improve their soil sampling process by saving time and providing a more accurate sample core. Hassler expressed, “Rogo allows me to focus more on what I need to be doing in the Fall by getting good quality samples and getting it off to the lab for testing.”

In the Fall of 2019, Beck’s was apprehensive to work with Rogo because they had never seen a robot taking soil samples before. After seeing the accuracy, speed, and reliability with which Rogo’s robot samples their fields, Beck’s was pleased with a hands-off soil sampling process without sacrificing quality. 

“This is a growing opportunity that is very successful, and any customer that is dealing with Rogo for the first time will be very happy with working with them.”

At a Glance

Labor Need
More Accurate Soil Core
Quick Turn around times

“When you take the human element out of soil sampling, that allows you to maintain [ location and depth] consistency in soil sampling.”

Erich Hasler, AgSystems/Agronomy Specialist at Beck's Hybrids

The Results

Location and Depth Consistency

Rogo grants peace of mind to farmer service providers and growers by providing a robotic service to ensure the integrity of each and every core. “When you take the human element out of soil sampling, that allows you to maintain [ location and depth] consistency in soil sampling.”

“We’ve been able to achieve great accuracy using Robotic soil sampling,” and “we are able to focus on what we’re good at and let Rogo focus on what they’re good at.”

“We know that we can track the robot and go back through and have very consistent repeatability by going to that same location every year from now. The [core depth and location] accuracy of a sample that we get with Rogo is not even comparable to anything; they’re in a class of their own.”

Leading the Way in Technology

Beck’s leverages Rogo’s cutting-edge technology to make better decisions and optimize their seed corn production. “I feel like an early innovator by using Rogo’s services. How many times in the past five years have you seen a robot taking your soil samples?” Utilizing Rogo’s high-tech service allows Beck’s to get ahead of the curve and boost the return on investment of their soil.

Beck’s Hybrids knows that Rogo is innovating every single day and that this technology is revolutionizing soil sampling. By staying on the cutting-edge, Rogo is able to provide Beck’s with technology that will help them thrive and continue serving the agriculture industry with excellence.

a New way to soil sample

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