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Rogo is a quickly growing Ag-Tech company headquartered in Remington, IN, that exists to help farmers and researchers get more consistent soil samples to ultimately manage their soil more effectively.

Founded on the principles of accuracy, dependability and traceability, we are the next generation of innovators in soil sampling.

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we are problem Solvers

Solving real-world agriculture problems to increase efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

we are passionate

We are passionate about growing personally and professionally every day by asking good questions, innovating to new heights and working with an incredible team.

What Makes Us Tick

Our Mission & Values

Get to know Team Rogo

Leadership Team

Get to know our leadership team and the crew in North Central Indiana.

Drew Schumacher

President and CEO

Troy Fiechter

VP - Business Development

Stephen Roswarski

VP - Sales and Marketing

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