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Robotic Soil Testing with SmartCore™

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We provide a full-service, robotic soil sampling program from grid sampling through lab analysis and fertilizer recommendations.

Growers get insight into the process, and accurate soil data to build an efficient fertility program.


Get better insight to ensure the fields are being sampled and to your specifications.


Get the job done with a reputable company and technology that handles the problem for you.


Every core is taken at the exact depth and location accuracy to ensure quality samples.

Visibility and Quality in your fertility program

Stop the guessing games in your fertility program

Get better visibility into your fertility management program so you can make more efficient fertilizer decisions.

A simple Hands-off Process

How to get your acres sampled this season

Experience a hands-off service that gives you peace of mind that your fields are being sampled accurately and responsibly. 

1. Submit ready acres for sampling

Mark your acres ready for sampling in our easy-to-use portal.

2. We sample with SmartCore™

Our operator takes the robot to the field and it collects samples robotically.

3. Soil is analyzed & Data flows back into your software

The soil samples are shipped to your preferred lab and analyzed, then data flows back into your system.

4. Write accurate recs to spread fertilizer

You can now write more accurate fertilizer recommendations to optimize your application.

Focus on the Important Things on your farm

Remove labor & Management pain

Stop searching for high-quality samplers, and eliminate hiring and management pain.

Accurate robotic soil testing

get accurate soil data

Accurate results are delivered to you to make better fertilizer decisions.

highly accountable fertilizer recs

Build a modern fertility program

By using robotic sampling, you can create an accurate and accountable fertility management program with soil data that you trust.

Decrease nutrient error caused by human sampling

Decrease Fertilizer Bill Swings

Robots vs humans

Research study - How much better are robots at taking soil tests?

Read our PFR study to get a better idea into how much you can optimize fertilizer spend with Robotic sampling. 

  • Robotics eliminates nutrient error by going to the exact spot in the field and taking the correct depth 
  • Robotics eliminates fertilizer bill swings 

Frequently asked questions

Customers typically ask us

Our robots are manned with an operator. The machine runs itself but the operator can override in emergency situations.

Yes, Rogo integrates with the most common map-making softwares on the market such as IFARM, AIS, Mapshots, Agvance, Ag Studio, and more. See a full list of integrations here.

Yes, we typically recommend to customers in their first season that they do between 25% to 40% of their overall season acres to show the full power of Rogo soil sampling.

Rogo handles everything from taking the soil core to bagging and shipping to the lab.

You can easily see your field status on your job submission dashboard in the Rogo Portal.

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We know how important it is to hit quick turnaround times (especially in the fall) for fertilizer applications. Our standard fall (August-Dec) turnaround time is between 3-5 days. The rest of the year (Jan-July) we handle acres in bulk, and depending on your requirements. Talk with your local sales rep on your exact needs for quicker turn time requirements.

Ready To Get Robotic Sampling On Your Acres?

Give us a call to have your acres sampled robotically this season and get more accurate results

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