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Soil Sampling

Sampling Types
  • Standard Samples, up to 12 Inches
  • Bulk Density Sampling
    • Diameters up to 2 Inches
    • Depths up to 1 Meter
    • Split Depth Samples
Map Types
  • Grid Sampling (All Sizes, Including 1ac, 2.5, 3.3, 4.4, 5, 10, 20)
  • Zone Sampling (Zone Averages: 5-6, 8-10 ac)
  • Composite Sampling
Soil Tests (Through our Lab Partners)
  • P, K and pH Tests
  • Micronutrient Tests
  • Nitrogen Tests
  • Forage Analysis
  • Soil Health Tests
  • Carbon & Bulk Density Tests
  • Soil Biological Tests

Other Services

  • Field Boundary Mapping
    • Grid Mapping
    • Zone Mapping
  • Crop Scouting
  • In-Field Sensor Installations

What precision ag leaders are saying

Providing Accurate Soil Data To Soil Management Programs

Nutrient Management

Improve fertilizer efficiency… Robotic sampling consistently identifies the hidden areas in every field where nutrients are left below the critical level. By improving nutrition in these areas, growers quickly recoup the cost of more advanced sampling methods and grow yield.

Carbon Markets

Produce Quality Credits… Carbon samples underwrite a financial asset. Sampling accuracy and record-keeping establish the legitimacy of your credits for your customers, investors and regulators. Collectively, it protects the carbon markets by ensuring that they accurately represent our environment.

Research & Development

Enhanced research repeatability… ROGO’s custom solutions with unparalleled accuracy can decrease the margin of error in soil research. Improve the repeatability of your results and develop analysis you can trust, all with services tailored to meet your every need.

Operating Nationwide

ROGO operates extensively throughout the Midwest, and anywhere in the US where we can keep a robot busy. Typically, that’s ~25k acres if using 2.5 ac grids.

Below 25,000 acres? We may already be coming to an area near you.

Removing Management Pain with a Simple, Hands-Off Process

1. Submit Acres Online

Mark your acres ready for sampling in our easy-to-use portal.

2. ROGO Samples Robotically

Our operator takes the robot to the field and it collects samples robotically.

3. Analyze Data in Your Software

The soil samples are shipped to your preferred lab and analyzed, then data flows back into your system.

4. Write More Accurate Recs

You can now write more accurate fertilizer recommendations to optimize your application.

Ready to Get robotic sampling On your Acres?

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