Leading the Industry in Bulk Density Sampling

ROGO's Carbon Sampling

Reliable Sampling Rigs

Custom-Modified Kubotas

  • Base platform – Kubota UTV with HVAC for Operator Comfort
  • GPS System – RTK-Level Accuracy within 2-cm
  • AutoDrive System – Autonomous Steering, Gas, Brakes
  • In-Cab System – Multi-Sim Internet, Automatic Label Printer, Bag Scanner
  • “Unstuck” Kit – Custom-Built Ground Anchor with Winch
  • Hydraulic Hookups – Powers Jackhammer for Efficient and Reliable Extraction
  • Optional: Tracks Instead of Wheels – For Wet Seasons


Equipment That’s Ready to Run

  • ½- and ¾-Ton Trucks with Custom Trailers
  • Kubota Equipment
  • Fuel Tanks for Extended Rural Operation
  • Spares of Many Kubota & ROGO Parts


We Can Expand our Fleet Instantly

  • Storage Container Insertable into any Truck Bed
  • Contains Bags, Boxes, Tools, etc.
  • Provides Consistent Tool & Inventory Storage in ANY Truck
  • Built-In Backup Camera for Safety

Easy Online Portal & Sampling Notifications

Online Customer Portal

Submit Fields & Track Progress

Real-Time Sampling Notifications

Protect & Build Your Brand

Optimized Lab Experience

Avoid Mistakes & Delays

  • Reliable Bags & Boxes: Samples arrive safely
  • Lab Check-In Sheets Printed Automatically: Easy design for either scanning OR manual entry
  • Custom-Printed Manifest: Easily sort & inventory boxes

IT Capabilities

Making Data Management Easy

  • API Integration Capabilities
  • Compliant with Data Orivacy & Security Standards

Accurate GPS, Tools & Process

  • RTK-Level GPS – Sample at the Exact Point Location Every Time.
  • Custom-Fabricated Soil Probes
    • Probe Lengths: 16″, 1-Meter
    • Cutting Tips up to 2″
    • Interior Relief to Improve Soil Flow
  • Custom-Made Equipment – See Photos Below
16" Probe
1-Meter Probe

Other Tools

Traceable Depth Log & Operations Dashboard

Operations Dashboard - Provides Complete Accountability & Visibility

Sample Depth Log & (Optional) Photos of Every Sample

As we sample, we record a log every aspect of the sampling process (including the depth and location of every sample) for sample quality, audits, and responding to farmer complaints.

Lab Partnerships

ROGO works successfully with 25+ labs across the country, and we’ve designed tools and processes specifically to make lab check-in easy.

We'll Help You Navigate Complex Testing Options

The industry has several testing options for organic carbon, bulk density and soil health. We can help select the lab process and partner that’s best for your project.

Factors to Consider

  • Pricing – While comparing costs, make sure you’re comparing the same lab tests/processes. If two labs have significantly different prices, talk through the processes with each to make sure you understand what you’re paying (or not paying) for.
  • Turn-Arounds – Plan ahead for any reporting deadlines you have.
  • Lab Capacity – Especially with large projects, make sure your lab has enough staff and equipment to meet your deadlines.
  • API & Data Integrations – Know how you’ll bring the lab data back into your system, whether that’s through importing a csv or an API.

Ask Quick Questions

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