Soil Sampling at the True Depth

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ROGO Samples at the Right Depth Every Time

  • Because of nutrient stratification, leading labs say sampling 1″ too shallow or too deep changes nutrient results by 10-20%
  • Hand probes are imprecise, especially in hard/wet soil conditions and when the labor is fatigued
  • Frame-mounted tools move with the ATV’s suspension, changing the depth of the core
  • ROGO SmartCore fixes these problems in 2 steps:
    • Our sampling arm makes firm contact with the ground before extending the probe, allowing us to measure depth directly from the ground plane
    • Once our probe enters the soil, we use advanced control algorithms to stop within 1/8″ every time
1" of depth changes nutrient results 10-20%
Some frame-mounted tools move with the suspension, changing the depth
ROGO reaches the true depth every time (within 1/8")