Extracting a Complete Soil Core

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ROGO Extracts A Complete Soil Core Every Time

The Problem:

Just because the probe reaches the right depth doesn’t mean it extracts the full depth of a soil core.

Getting Soil Into the Probe

ROGO’s probe has a smooth inlet and plenty of interior relief, making sure the probe fills properly every time.

Our bucket pinches crop residue, allowing the probe to pierce it.

Getting Soil Up and Out

To separate the core from the soil, we rotate the probe. As it rotates, the inlet provides a “seat” for the core to ride up and out of the ground.

Getting Soil Into the Bucket

We use a special scraper to get all the soil out of the probe and into the bucket.

A trapdoor closes after the probe leaves the soil. This keeps 100% of the core in the bucket.

ROGO extracts the complete depth of every soil core by getting the soil into the probe, up and out of the ground, and into the bucket.