Sampling at the Exact Location

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ROGO Samples at the Exact Location Every Time

What's At Stake? The Integrity of Your Soil Maps

Grid or Zone Maps: Occasionally hitting hot spots (which are often small) can create confusing or misleading trends in your agronomic data.

Zone Maps: Repeating core locations imprecisely (or not repeating them at all) can cause dramatic variations in nutrient measurements.

What's the Problem? Inaccurate Technology & Human Error

Inaccurate technology includes floating, uncorrected GPS systems like iPads and even an auxiliary GPS for an iPad.

Human error comes from stopping the vehicle imprecisely, or not properly distributing the cores at the sample site.

ROGO's Solution

Reduce meaningless noise in your data by sampling at the exact same location from year to year.

RTK-Level Accuracy Within 1"
AutoDrive To
Within 3'
Skilled Human Operators