Grower Testimonial - Trent Hall

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Indiana Grower adopts robotic soil sampling for more accurate soil cores
and efficient Fertilizer Spreading

The problem

K&M Farms is a family-owned grain farm in Wolcott, IN with decades of experience in precision ag technology and nutrient management. 

Before Rogo, K&M Farms outsourced their grid soil sampling to a local soil sampling provider. Due to the inaccurate nature of sampling by hand, the data K&M Farms received led the farm to make lower-quality fertilizer recommendations meant to improve soil efficiency. 

Trent Hall, farmer at K&M Farms, explained, “We went by hand sampling for a long time, but it hurt us because we weren’t able to give the right recommendations” due to inaccurate results. 

“We were trying to solve our problem of depth consistency.

Trent Hall, K&M Farms

The Solution

“We were trying to solve our problem of [depth] consistency by hiring Rogo. Having a robot that goes down the exact same depth every time increases the accuracy and consistency of our samples.” 

“Working with Rogo is a very easy process.” From taking the samples to sending those samples to the lab for testing, Rogo streamlines the entire soil sampling process for any farmer or retailer.

At a Glance

Labor Solution
More Accurate Soil Core
Quick Turn around times

If you’re sampling by hand at 7am versus 5pm, you won’t be getting the same depth and accuracy due to fatigue, but a robot can go 24 hours a day.

Trent Hall, Grower

The Results

After partnering with Rogo, K&M Farms received more accurate test results that helped them make better recommendations leading to greater fertilizer efficiency and crop yield. 

“If you’re sampling by hand at 7am versus 5pm, you won’t be getting the same depth and accuracy due to fatigue, but a robot can go 24 hours a day.” Rogo’s robotic soil sampling service ensures quality at every core and empowers farmers and retailers to make decisions that optimize their soil.

As Rogo continues to innovate and revolutionize agriculture, farmers and retailers such as K&M Farms will continue to thrive by optimizing their soil inputs.

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