Sampling with built-in Accountability

"Trust, but Verify," as the saying goes.

The ROGO Advantage

Complete Confidence in Every Core

With $30-70 invested in fertilizer for each individual soil core, you need verification that they’re taken accurately. With ROGO, you have 4 reasons to be confident in every core.


Fertilizer budget resting on each individual soil core

First, Verify How & Where Each Sample is Taken

Automated Process

Repeated every time

Locations recorded within 3"

Get reports for any field upon request

Second, Verify Our Path Through Every Field

See Every Turn & Stop

Get reports for any field upon request

We Record Every Possible Data Point

Third, Verify That Bags Aren't Getting Mixed Up

Custom Automation Guides Every Step of the Process

Robot refuses to sample unless operators follow this error-proof process

Operators Don't Even Have To Remember Field Specs

Fourth, Our Commitment to Improvement

We do what's right because we want to serve not only you, but each of your neighbors for decades.

We vigorously scrutinize field records, which has allowed us to proactively identify and respond to issues (like depth) that other samplers are unaware of in 2 ways:

  1. We fix problems in-season. Every sampling company messes up occasionally (such as sampling a field at 8″ vs 6″ deep), including us. Our digital record-keeping lets us find these mistakes for you, and we have the integrity to own up to them and make it right.
  2. We iteratively improve our robotics. Since 2017, our robotic sampler has gone through several iterations (such as switching from an auger to a probe, and adding our “Catch & Clear” system to keep soil from falling out of the bucket). We’ll continue doing this and providing better technology year after year.

Count on us to listen and respond to feedback, because we want to improve. We intend to be the industry leader in soil sampling for decades, so we’re constantly improving our technology and processes.


See why other retailers depend on us to steward their grower’s soil data – and how it paid off.