ROGO's Soil Sampling Robot

Agriculture's Most Accurate Soil Sampling Tool

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4 Tools in 1

 Dive Into Any Tool

Get to the Right Depth Consistently

Our robot uses a 2-step, ground-referenced depth control system – accurate within 1/8″!

Extract the complete Soil Core

Once we reach the right depth, we extract 100% of the core every time!

Why is this important?

Incomplete cores are like partial samples – they don’t accurately represent the soil’s nutrient contents.

"Pinch, Probe, Pull"

We use several techniques to pierce crop residue, get the entire core through the inlet and lift it out of the ground.

Scraper & Trapdoor System

We use a special soil scraper and trapdoor to empty 100% of every core into the bucket – and keep it there.

Sample at The Exact Point Location

ROGO AutoDrive

Our robot drives itself with RTK-level GPS, letting us navigate to and record the location of every core within 3′!

"Error-Proof" Process to Eliminate Mistakes

Seamless Data Flow

With a 1 in 1,000 error rate, our process actually starts even before the sample is taken. Our robot automatically changes field settings according to the customer’s specs, and records extensive sampling metadata completely autonomously. This makes sure we know everything there is to know about every soil sample – down to the exact location of every core.

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Is the Robotic Sampler Really More Accurate?

ROGO's robot is the only tool that didn't misapply fertilizer due to sampling error.

Beating our hand probes, hydraulic probes, and augers, this trial shows the financial losses farmers are experiencing due to sampling errors, and the profits from decreasing that error.

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