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Soil Management Should be Science, Not Art

Never before has soil sampling been held accountable to such rigorous accuracy standards.

ROGO reduces soil sampling’s margin of error from 14% to 5%, according to an independent study.

Benefits of Accurate Soil Data

Problems from Error-Filled Soil Data

Nutrient Management

With Accurate Soil Data…

Meet/Exceed Yield Goals

With Error-Filled Data…

Waste Fertilizer

Carbon Markets

With Accurate Soil Data…

Develop Quality Credits

With Error-Filled Data…

Limit Audit Exposure

Research & Development

With Accurate Soil Data…

Improve Research Repeatability

With Error-Filled Data…

Experience Variability in Results

Fully Robotic Soil Sampling is 3x As Accurate

True to the CoreTM

Our technology is made of 3 components

We reach the precise depth and location of every core, tying each sample to QR codes and digital tracking numbers.

Patent-Pending Probe & Extraction System

“Nutrients are stratified throughout the soil profile,” says Drew Schumacher, ROGO’s CEO. “Any soil lab will tell you that nutrient levels fluctuate 10% for every 1/2 inch you’re off while sampling.

First, Descend to the True Depth
  1. Descend to the ground, providing ground-referenced depth control.
  2. Use advanced control algorithms to stop the probe within 1/8″ of the target depth.
Second, Extract the Complete Core

Pinch    Pinch crop residue so the probe can pierce it and it doesn’t restrict soil flow.

Probe    Coax soil into he probe with a smooth inlet and plenty of interior relief. This probe design requires more force but extracts a better core.

Pull    Rotate the probe to break the soil, then provide a “seat” for the core to rest on as it rises from the soil.

Third, Empty Full Core into Bucket

We use a special soil scraper and trapdoor to empty 100% of every core into the bucket – and keep it there.

Graphics are for illustration purposes only, not mechanical diagrams.

Precise Location Selection with RTK-Level GPS and Auto-Drive

ROGO uses RTK-level GPS to navigate to and record the location within 3 feet.

Sampling at and recording the ideal location of each core year after year reduces data noise and reveals clear historical trends for each grid or zone. It also lets you create more spatially accurate recommendation maps.

Error-Proof Digital Automation

Automated Process

ROGO automatically changes settings according to customer field specs, and records 100% of sampling metadata autonomously.

Barcodes & Scanning

Our system enforces barcode scanning as the operator moves through the field, so bags and samples can't be switched accidentally

Tracked Shipping Data

Inside your customer portal, every sample is linked to a box and tracking number. Now you know where every sample is at all times.

How much more accurate are we?

Reduce nutrient error from human sampling

Decrease Fertilizer Bill Swings

Robots vs Humans

Research study - How much better are robots at taking soil tests?

Read our PFR study to get a better idea into how much you can optimize soil management with Robotic sampling.

  • Robotics eliminates nutrient error by extracting the full core at the right depth in the exact right spot
  • Increased accuracy optimizes fertilizer application and reduces bill swings

Frequently asked questions

Customers typically ask us

No, they’re manned with an operator who avoids obstacles and dumps soil into sample bags.

Yes, ROGO integrates with the most common map-making software such as EFC Fieldalytics, Proagrica, etc.

Regardless of software, we can give the lab what they need to allow data to sync back to your software automatically in 95% of scenarios.

Not officially. To experience ROGO fully, we usually ask for 20-40% of overall season acres (or 2-3k) for your first experiment with us.

Rogo handles everything from taking the soil core to bagging and shipping to the lab.

You can easily see your field status on your job submission dashboard in the Rogo Portal (click here to log in).

ROGO can hit some fields same or next day when needed – we know how important this is (especially in the fall) for fertilizer applications.

Our standard fall (August-Dec) turnaround time is between 3-5 days. The rest of the year (Jan-July) we handle acres in bulk, and depending on your requirements. Talk with your local sales rep on your exact needs for quicker turn time requirements.

Yes! As of 2024, Rogo offers bulk density sampling, including split depth samples, at depths of up to 1 meter.

Contact our sales team to learn more.

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